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Collection: Judith and Dave

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cltr_1305_JD03_ALM_trans_48478_3_0217_8bit.jpx ALM injection: AAV1_hSyn-iCre
Left Superior colliculus: AAV2/5-CAG-Flex-Rev-tdTomato
Right Medulla: AAV2/5-CAG-Flex-Rev-3xGFP

Cre-IHC: sections 1-14 yellow
Parvalbumin IHC: sections 15-120 yellow
Calb2 (calretinin) IHC: light blue
cltr_1306_JD04_ALM_trans_481477_4_0223_8bit.jpx ALM injection: AAV1_hSyn-iCre
Left Superior Colliculus: AAV2/5-CAG-Flex_Rev-tdTomato
Right Medulla: AAV2/5-CAG-Flex-Rev-3xGFP

Cre IHC: Sections 1-14 yellow
Parvalbumin IHC: Sections 15-120 Yellow
Calb2 (calretinin) IHC: Sections 1-120 light blue
1411_JD_09_AAVr_WGA_CB_496306_6and7-40.jpx AAVr and WGA injected into cerebellum
only midbrain and brainstem sections
Showing: 1 - 6 of 6 items.
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