Biolucida Cloud

Access to full resolution slides requires the
Biolucida Viewer
an installable application

1) If this is your first time using Biolucida, click below to download and install the viewer. This will install the Biolucida Viewer into the Application Folder of your computer.
Download Biolucida Viewer

2) If Biolucida is already installed on your computer, the viewer will open automatically.
Open Biolucida Viewer
If the viewer does not open automatically. You can open the viewer manually by clicking on the button above.

If you have the Biolucida Viewer installed and it does not auto launch, you may open the link within the Biolucida Viewer manually by going to the Tools menu of the Biolucida viewer and selecting Use Shared Link. Copy and paste: into the URL field of the dialog that appears.